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What is IPTV and what you need to know before deciding if IPTV is right for you.

WHY CHOOSE US – We’re different than the others

What Makes MAXXIPTV Different than the other IPTV Services?

We are dedicated to making the IPTV service as seamless as possible. Our goal is to make IPTV as simple to use as turning on the TV and select a show from the TV guide and start enjoying your favorite shows.

You get to select what you want delivered to your TV at no additonal charge. Unlike the other TV providers, we don’t charge extra for the channels you select.

Packages with BACKUP CHANNELS, why choose US?

Normall IPTV Providers get all the channels from one source. There are a few duplicate channels included, that are there in case one of the channels temporarily stops working.

Our packages come with backup channels, the channel feeds are from SIX totally different sources. If one of the servers temporarily goes down, the other five are still running, so that you can watch your favorite TV shows by choosing one of the backup channels.

Why are our packages a little more expensive then other providers? The backup channels come from totally different IPTV Servers. We get charged for these feeds. But this guarantees, that your service will be more reliable and you are not paying for a services, where you can’t watch the channels when you want.

Is IPTV Right For Me?

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) streams live TV stations to you over the internet from servers located around the world. These TV stream feeds and servers go down from time to time.

This is a situation is slowly becoming less and less of a problem, but if you are watching one of your favorite shows and the feed goes down, you are out of luck and miss the show.

We have a solution! 

If you choose the Backup Channels Option, a large number of channels are provided with a secondary streaming feed from totally different servers. So if the stream are interrupted, you can just switch to the other streaming feed and continue watching your show or sporting event.

What do you do with over 16,000 channels?

Unlike other IPTV services that provide you with 17,000 plus channels all delivered directly to your TV, with no choice as to what is delivered. While we also provide you with over 17,000 channels, you can customize your selection.

There are hundreds and hundreds of foreign language TV channels included in that list and are delivered to your TV Set. It is unlikely you will ALL the channels.

With our service you can select only the groups you want delivered to you. This makes selecting what you want to watch a much more enjoyable experience.

This is what you see from the Other Guys!

Below is an example of their list of Channel Groups: Try sorting through this list when you are trying to find something to watch

  • 3PM Football

  • Adult

  • African

  • Arabic

  • Australia

  • BanglaDesh

  • Bein Sports

  • Box Office / PPV

  • Canada

  • Canada (fr)

  • Caribbean

  • China

  • Czech

  • Denmark (German)

  • Football (Soccer) Weekend

  • France

  • General Sports

  • Greek

  • Indian

  • Latino

  • MLB

  • Main Events / PPV

  • Mexico

  • Music

  • NBA

  • NFL

  • NHL

  • Netherlands

  • Pakistan

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Premium Movies (EN)

  • Premium Sports

  • Spain

  • Sports Channels

  • Thailand

  • UK – All Channels

  • UK – Documentaries

  • UK – Entertainment

  • UK – Kids

  • UK – Movies

  • UK – Music

  • UK – News

  • UK – Sports

  • US – All Channels

  • US – Entertainment

  • US – Kids

  • US – Movies

  • US – Music

  • US – News

  • US – Sports

Each one of these categories will contain from a few to hundreds of TV Channels. Actually this particular IPTV Provider supplies over 4000 channels.

What makes us different, is we provide you with the tools to select only the groups you want delivered to your TV Set Box.

This is What You Could See when you are on MAXXIPTV!

MAXXIPTV also offers over 17,000+ channels to choose from, but you can presonalize the way that we provide the channels to your TV.

After making your group and merged-group selections, you now have a list that makes finding the channel  you want to watch much easier. With this list (example below) you still have over 4000 channels (from the list of over 17,000+ channels available).

Below is an example of what you could get by personalizing your list

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Canada (fr)

  • Music

  • Premium Movies (en)

  • Premium Sports

  • Sports Channels

  • UK All Channels

  • US All Channels

  • US Local

  • All Channels

By selecting only the groups you want, means that when the electronic program guides are updated, only the information for the groups selected are actually sent to your home. This will greatly reduce the time required to refresh the guides

It's All about the SPORTS!!!

All the Premium Sports Channels are available at no extra charge:

  • Premium Hockey Channels

  • Premium Baseball Channels

  • Premium Basketball Channels

  • Premium Football Channels

  • TSN Channels

  • beIN Sports Channels

  • Sky Sports Channels

  • WWE Channel

  • Want to watch Cricket, it’s here too.

  • and much more.

All I want is Movies, Movies and more Movies!!!!

All the Premium Movies Channels are available at no extra charge

  • Cinemax

  • Super Channel

  • HBO

  • Encore

  • Sky Cinema

  • Hallmark Movie Channel

  • and Much Much More

Don't Forget about the Kids!

There’s lots for the kids to watch!

  • All of Disney Channels

  • All the Nickelodeon Channels

  • Baby TV

  • Boomerang

  • Cartoon Network

  • Tiny Pop

  • Bounce

  • PBS Kids

  • Universal Kids

  • HBO Family

  • Showtime Family Zone

  • Starz Kids & Family

  • and much much more.


Stream all your favorite live HD sports from all around the world. Don’t miss your favorite teams anymore!


You decide what gets sent to your devices. With our services, you can pick and choose the channel groups in your subscription.

It's All about M3U's

The most common format for delivering IPTV is M3U (MP3 Url’s). Most devices and IPTV players work with the M3U files format.

Electronic Program Guide

What’s the use of a channel list, if you don’t see what’s on the channels, without actually going to the channel. We put a great deal of effort into making the EPG as complete as possible.

Backup Channels

We have taken the live tv streams from SIX different services and linked all the stations together, This gives you the option to select another stream if you are having trouble with the first tv stream.


There are applications that allow you to watch IPTV using  an Android Device, IOS Device, Fire Stick, Fire TV, or even your smart Samsung or LG TV’s

If you are looking for a replacement for your current TV Subscription, the most important issue is the ease of use and a complete TV Program Guide. We have taken the effort to make the crossover as seamless as possible. Check out the three images above. These images are of the Perfect Player application loaded up with our IPTV service. Makes you think that you are looking at a Cable or Satellite program guide screen.

Click on the picture above for a larger image view, in a new tab.

M3U/File IPTV Subscription With Backup Channels

Why Choose a Package With Backup Channels.

The BACKUP Channels are not just duplicate copies of the same stations. The backup channels are ACTUALLY being provided from six totally different IPTV Servers. So, if there is an issue with one of the servers, you can still watch the channel, by selecting a different Backup Channel from the list.



We supply M3U and EPG’s


Powerful Servers

We are linked to multiple Streaming Servers



Provide a easy to use Ticket Support System

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Experience fast reliable IPTV service and you get to control what gets sent to your device!!